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Top 4 Ways to Cut Bills

Household and other bills, such as car insurance, mobile phone rental and gym memberships can sometimes get out of control. Here are my Top 4 Tips to Reduce Your bills.   Make A list ! 1.  Sounds simple but most people do not do it, or if they they they do in wrong! There are […]


How You Can Consolidate Your Student Loan

One of the most meaningful accomplishments one can achieve in life is finishing college with a degree. Unfortunately it can be costly, particularly in well-known universities, and may even put you seriously into debt if you aren\’t careful with your student loan. Since tuition fees keep going up, more and more students are turning to […]


How Can A Debt Dispute Help?

One of the first questions I am asked as a credit and debt expert is often how to dispute a debt. Dispute is a fancy word meaning to disagree, debate, or argue something. I have found that in my experience almost all credit card dept should be disputed. Many people wonder if calling their creditor […]