Stressed About My Debts – 5 Top Tips To Deal With Debt Stress

Are you worried about your debts. Are your worries keeping you awake at night. Being in debt can be very stressful and not only affect your credit rating but your health too!

1. Face Up To Your Debt Problem

This is the first rule of dealing with debts and the stress associated with it. Burying your head in the sand and filing away your bills so you cant see them won’t make the problem go away. Indeed it will only compound your stress at a later date.

Accepting you have a debt problem and facing up to the realities of what it means to you is the first and biggest step to help solve your debt stress.


2. A Problem Shared….

Talking about your debt and the stress that goes with it is very important. Contact a trusted family member or close friend and confide in them your problem and how it is affecting you.

Sharing your debt problem will come as a great relief and unburden you in part from the problem. As the saying goes-

‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’.


3. Get Professional Help

Get solid debt help for FREE (uk) with (previously the CCCS) or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. These organisations can help you get a better understanding of your debts and potential solutions to clear or negotiate with creditors. Their free and impartial advice will put you on the right track to tackling your debt and of course the stress that goes with it.


4. Grow in Confidence

Restore your confidence in your debt situation. Being in debt and the stress associated with it can reduce your confidence and self esteem. But you need to restore this and congratulate yourself that you are taking action to tackle your debt stress. Think positively about your situation, focus on the upside (like the face you have contacted a debt help organisation). Don’t dwell on the past- what is done is done. Positive focus with help your confidence to grow and being more confident help you to be more positive – An upward spiral not a vicious circle.


5. Stress Relief From Debts

Whilst you are sorting out your debts, don’t forget to sort out your stress. Stress in small doses is good for us but high levels can be very serious for our health. Learn to accept what you can control and also more importantly when you need help. Lower your stress levels by eating a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. Its amazing what an hour in the gym or a long walk can do to reduce your stress levels. Above all don’t let debt stress rule your life. Take action and confront your debts and the associated stress head on.



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