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Wayne asks

How can i consolidate my debt?

i am seriously in some credit card debt. can someone please tell me how to consolidate them so i can be free of debt.

admin answers:

Yes, I could, but the best thing to do is to go to and check those people out. ADT Security in Granda Hills . It is free and those people really know their business like nobody else.

Mark asks

Is there any free website that will help you consolidate your debt or give financial advice?

admin answers:

Try this one. Some info on consolidation types and common abuses.

Graham asks

what is the different between consolidation company and debt free company like

I called creditsolutions a minute ago and they told me that they are not a consolidation company. I told them that I have a debt for 16,000. They told me that they can get my debt company to settle for 9,800. and they charge a 15% fee. Does this sounds okay. Please recommend me to some other company but not consolidation I do not want to consolidate I want a debt settlement company. That I would still pay, I heard when these consolidation company pays for me It haunts my credit score.Please refer me to some website

admin answers:

Companies like that are considered along the same likes of a bankruptcy to the credit bureaus. Meaning that it will affect your credit score and rating for years to come. copyright attorney . Are they charging 15% of 16,000($2400) or 15% of 9,800($1470)? It might be beneficial to weigh other options that you have available before deciding.Alex MyersSynergy Mortgage Group(877)428-3328

Thomas asks

How to best clear my debts??I am 2K overdrawn. and owe 2k split between two credit cards?

I am 2000 overdrawn with the bank….on top of that i owe 1000 on my credit card to nationwide and 1000 to Halifax one credit card (its new so i have the interest free period). I am wondering the best way to clear this? Is it better to carry on with my credit card payments or is it better to get a loan and just consolidate my debts? I see asda are doing a loan at 5.5% would this work out better monetary wise to pay this loan off over a period than an overdraft and two credit cards? what loans would be good?

admin answers:

Most loans with reasonable rates of around 6-7% are for lending in excess of 5000. As you have an interest free period I would keep paying off the minimum amount on that card whilst paying any extra cash on the highest interest rated debt. Sometimes if you clear credit cards they will offer you another interest free period or very low interest rate to get you back. You may be able to transfer your Nationwide card debt to Halifax and Nationwide may offer you a sweetener, then you could transfer your overdraft. If you opt for a loan for say 5000 over 5 years, you could expect to pay around 90-100 per month to clear the debt. Of course you should try not to use your existing credit or you’ll end up with a bigger problem. Be wary of bankruptcy or IVA advise as it sounds like a quick fix but can have repercussions with your credit rating later on.

Steve asks

Should I consolidate my bills into one?

I’m trying to become debt free but i heard that if i go with a company that can consolidate my bills that it doesn’t look good when asking for an approval for a loan or mortgage. Is that true?

admin answers:

Im doing the same thing right now actually so first of all be sure you pick the right company and be sure that this company 1) does not report to the credit buero (spelling? Sorry) 2) pays all your bills on time; they do this by contacting your creditors and tell them your proposed monthly payment and date of payment and work out whats works best for everyone, 3) check interest rates through this company and make sure they’re lower than what your paying now, 4) make sure the monthly payment that is set is reasonable for your income… I go through “Money Management” and their number is1-866-231-9056. Atlanta SEO Company . They dont report to the credit beuro, all that happends is yes it goes on your credit showing you worked w/an agency to lower your interest rates but after you pay off the money you owe it is taken off, however while going through any program like this obviously applying for more credit w/not work, you will not be approved for anything, but after you will. This company has one monthly payment which then pays both my creditors their payment and I’ll have my debts paid off in about 2 years less time and save thousands in interest! Seriously give them a call they really helped me! 🙂

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